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Monday, December 13, 2004

CVIT party

It was CVIT party in the evening today. The venue was Indulge, Cyber
Pearl Building, Hi-tec city at Madhapur. It was organised by the CVIT
for the CVITians to celebrate the setup of the new sophisticated CVIT
lab. Though the new lab has been in place for about 5 months now, at
last, this party had been fixed after a long wait.

It was rather fun. First of all, all we people congregated and did what
technical people like us would do -- just stand! Slowly, the environment
started to become livelier with MNSSK Pavan in his characteristic
sarcastic and enthusiastic maneuver trying to jostle everyone around. He
had indeed been prepared with some chits, etc for Dumb Charades to which
we eventually moved on to after a few songs from some volunteers. The
Dumb Charades was the best part, as always is this game.

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