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Saturday, September 06, 2008

Rain Rain, Go Away

Like a true cancerian, I love rains. Actually, I also love waterfalls, brooks, lakes, any water body for that matter. However, of late I've developed a kind of hatred towards rain, especially Hyderabad rain. Not only does it start pouring every time I'm riding my bike, the intensity of the downpour is directly proportional to the lack of shelter-sheds on the road-side. Screw you, Murphy!

To add to the anguish, bad roads cause havoc in rains. Potholes, lack of proper street-lights, stagnated water every here and there on the roads, are a common scene when it rains. There's one thing especially painful about Hyderabad rains - sometimes when it rains, it keeps drizzling for days at a stretch. It's like, it doesn't want to downpour, and at the same time it doesn't want to stop; just the perfect amount to totally drench me on the road.

Last night, my macbook got spoilt as I got trapped in a downpour.

Rain Rain, Go Away!