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Saturday, October 16, 2004

Last minute preparation.

Strange and singularly remarkable it is how work expands to fill the
time you have for it. In other words, given you have anything to do,
you'll keep postponing the work till the minute beyond which it can be
fatatl. And it is again at this oft-encountered do-or-die situation that
one makes a pledge to be more organized but the story goes on and on.

I have my Pattern Recognition (PR) test on Monday. Though I did attend
the classes, at least one read of the book is the least that is
expected, but I've not done even that till now. I've not been able to
flip one page of the book since morning. And yes, I'll go to the movie
screening tonight at the instt too.

Humans are funny. It's so interesting to observe the patterns. God knows
when we'll be able to express the patterns or at least be able to
differentiate the patters from one another so as to perform
classification of several things. Oops! Did I utter PR!

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