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Monday, January 03, 2005

Communication problem

Just how impossible communication can get with certain people, I just
realized again today. As a mess committee member for my institute, I had
gone to talk to Mr BLN, the so-called caretaker for the hostels and
messes. I wised to discuss with him issues about the Jan 2005 mess
functioning. But we ended up in a deadlock. He wasn't at all able to
understand what I purposed and everything I suggested he understood that
to be a demeaning to his authority. No wonder he's dug himself to become
one amongst the most hated persons in the campus. Every few minutes he'd
end up mouthing "You should not talk like this.. You should do this..
blah blah". I, per se, still don't realize what horrible it was I told.

In the end, the inevitable happened. The communication process broke
down. I smashed out of his dungeon.

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