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Monday, September 21, 2009

More Items for Sale

All items are available immediately. Reason for selling: relocating.

Contact: 99086 89990 [or]

Wooden Cot (with mattress)

~2yrs old. size: 3ft x 6ft. Cost price: Rs 3000. Expected price: 2000
Mattress: Duroflex
~2.5yrs old. Fits in the above cot. Cost price: Rs 2400. Expected price: Rs 1500


Microwave Oven

Onida Power Grill. 20L. 800W Microwave power + 1050W Grill power. Easy to Use Jogwheel controls. 2 Combi Grill settings. 24 Customized Indian Auto Cook Menus.

1 yr old. Original packaging available. Excellent condition. Includes 2 free cooking recipe books and a mitten. Cost price: Rs 6500. Expected price: Rs 4500


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