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Monday, July 11, 2005

Forced to blog

I see Ranta blogging, reading blogs and commenting to blogs for so long now that I've seriously taken to supposing my life a waste without blogging. Falling in line with what I carelessly comment about him: "Talk him about something and he'll blog it", he actually blogged this after I had a small discussion with him about Einstein marrying his cousin. I understand that this news means more to him than plain curiosity about consanguineous marriages, but today enough was enough. I mean, for how long can you really watch a guy on your left blog-involved, before you actually get across the "To blog or not to blog" frame of mind and jump into the fray? And I blame it all on Ranta.

So, to begin with, I started going through some blogs on the IIIT blogroll and God! people have become so interesting at writing. I landed myself to this How to Blog blog. It's a blog every blogger should read and understand well before getting to real-time serious blogging (if that means anything). And who knows, someday one might be offered a job for blogging ingenuity.
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