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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Tech features, etc explained in a lawsuit!

That AMD has recently filed an anti-trust lawsuit against Intel is common knowledge now but I was rather amused to find some technical description about processor architectures in the actual legal complaint that was filed. The 48 page pdf complaint even cites the benefits of a 64 bit processor architecture as against the traditional 32 bit one. The complaint begins with a hardcore and stoic legal lingo on the first page but graduates to a nice reading about the historical evolution of AMD with growing harshness from Intel orderly detailed to bring out the reasons/motivations for Intel's coercion towards large and small clients to maintain undue and society-unfriendly monopoly in the x86 processor market; journalistic lingo including terms like "economic muscle" are not nearly phrases I expected in anything of the semblence of a legal complaint!

Near-technical description being so flamboyantly detailed, I was finally surprised that they didn't draft this document in LaTeX (The pdf text reveals that it was converted to pdf from Complaint.doc with Adobe Distiller by joni!)
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