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Friday, July 23, 2004

They call me sysadmin now ... always!

It's been quite some time now since I got appointed as the astt system
administrator for my institute and have become known profusely since then.
But hardly had I sensed that there could be an awkward side of the coin
too. People seem to have forgotten that I'm still Nirnimesh and they
address me as sysAdmin, root, and so on. I get the impression that they
think that we sysAdmins keep looking for people to block their logins (the
institute's policy says to block the logins of spammers). Every now and
then I get mails/requests when someone is not able to work out something
with his/her system or when suddenly the programs stop working due to some
reason not remotely related to me and my job.

So, though it feels good to be called sysAdmin, come'on..enough is enough.
Do I cease to be myself?

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