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Thursday, July 15, 2004

To pen it down.

I remember of the days when I used to have a pen readily available to me. I could get it in my hands easily without overly twisting my body. And now is the time when pens have become a commodity which I have at times, and lose at other times. I buy pens, and lose them. I rebuy pens and relose them. This has happened to my pen collection so many times now that I've settled to the sleek and trendy Reynolds 045 now. Not only does it write nice, at Rs 6, it costs conveniently cheap to afford losing it. The lifetime a pen remains with me, if defined to be in terms of dpp (days per pen) would work out to around Rs 5. This is a rather optimistic figure considering a good situation. At times when I need a pen and roam around with it are exactly the time when the dpp drops to something around 1.5-2.0.
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