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Friday, July 16, 2004

To MS or not to MS

Often in life you come across situations where you have two choices. The
fate of either of the choices is equally appealing or equally apalling.
You need to choose one pill of the two, however.
The decision for or
against doing MS was a similar dilemma for me for long. One thing was
however sure that if I did MS, I would do it at my href="">institute only. What wasn't sure was
whether or not I had to (or rather should) do it.
And finally I
decided (or should I say realize?) that I wanted to gradute my B.Tech
degree to an MS by Research by the time I leave IIIT-H. And the decision
wasn't easy.
So why did I make up my mind to go for MS by Research at
a monthly stipend of Rs 6000/- which would work out to around 12% of what
I would have got had I appeared for campus placements at my institute?
What did I really want?
One thing I do realize about myself is that I
want to be rich, and famous. I wish to start company of my own. With the
idea of a job comes the tail "What next?" Assume I have a handsome job and
I work hard for my job and earn a good position in my company. So what?
How proximal do I reach to my goal? Is that a step in the direction of my
goal or does that take me to a room whereafter there's no door leading to
my light? And I found the answer to be the latter.

Furthermore, at 21, I feel I could rather give myself more time at the
institute, learning, perfecting, and maturing myself before I step in to
deal the intricacies of the world. I expect to get acquainted better with
the habits and the habitats. Besides, the idea of doing research is
exciting. The feeling of doing something which someone else does not do or
is not able to do sends a feeling of superiority, and it feels good in a
positive way.

I thought and thought and thought and thought, and have a feeling in my
mind that MS would be a better choice for me for the time. I communicated
my thougts to my professor href="">Dr. P. J. Narayanan
and with the talk we had, my decision was sealed to certainity.

I pray to god to make sense and wisdom of my decision.

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