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Sunday, March 13, 2005

First Love

For many, First Love is a phenomenon the realization of which takes too
long a time but for some others, it takes as much a time as it takes a
pair of eyes to meet another pair of them. In whatever sweet or sour way
the proceedings at heart in such a juncture be, an innate sweet feeling
always lingers in the heart. From dawn to dusk, from noon to night, a
constant longing always immerses the heart in thoughts for your beloved.

Very few things in life appear as personal to as the First Love. It's at
this stage that one begins to realize how deep the meaning of love is and
how it glues two people together with vows for unity for ever and ever. At
times, these hopes materializes, while at other times it doesn't. In
several cases, the channel of love becomes two-way whereas in others it
remains a one-way. The feeling, however, doesn't mitigate; it lives with
you all your life.

When the realization of being in love dawns one's mind, suddenly the world
gets a lot sweeter. You start noticing the drops of rain pattering on the
window panes. You start noticing them making sinous ripples on the water
surface. You start hearing the distant cukoo sounding whereas at other
times you'd not heed even the blares of a sounding horn. All of a sudden
the smell of the first rain doesn't go unnoticed, and you can see the
rainbow stretching it's arms from heaven to the earth as if inviting you
to climb over it. When these things happen, realizing that one's in love
isn't rocket science.

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