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Friday, March 18, 2005

Nostalgic, the air around.

My batch (UG2k1) is to leave the institute in about a month's time now.
I have to stay back since I switched to the dual-degree MS/R programme
(with B.Tech, of course). The air in the ground floor of OBH is
nostalgic these days. Every now and then you can overhear someone
saying.. only 20 days left.. only 25 days more. Excited about their
future life that anyway they might be, everyone is nostalgic about the
almost 4-years now that they've spent here. Time passes and eats away
most of these feelings, but still the process has to be passed through.
Soon there'll be time when all these people will be packing their
luggage and be gone. Some won't be seen for the rest of the life. Some
will be in touch. However, the thing called UG2k1 will move to the
sacred ranks of alumni.

Friends part with heavy hearts, foes part with unconcerned looks.
Everyone wants to live every moment of one's college life before it
comes to a final end, forever. Of course, these days will be remembered
as one of the most liveliest days when there's complete freedom in most
respects (more so in our campus). The joy of proudly missing classes,
the sleepless nights watching movies in succession, the nights spent
studying, the days spent sleeping, the good things in life, the bad
things in life, this congregation.... we sure will miss things and miss
some people... A LOT.

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