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Friday, March 18, 2005

Misremembering Kunal's b'day.

A funny thing happened today. Since 4-5 days now I had marked in my mind
that today (18th March) was Kunal Kant's birthday and that I needed to
post him his present. However, I didn't seem to have his address,
luckily. I say "luckily" coz when I called him up and started hinting
about bumps, et al, he added two and two together to decipher that I had
obviously misremembered 18th March to be his birthday instead of the
actual 18th May. Now what a chop it was! Teri googly ho gayi..he mused
and I acquisced (couldn't do anything else). I always wanted to be able
to remember a lot of dates but to mis-remember...well, that wasn't the
idea, I guess.

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